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Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD And Reviews

Well, Movies are the source of inspiration and learning Platform for millions of people in the world. I my self-accepts that I always watched movies to motivate my self to inspire my self from something and someone that’s really inspire me or provides me knowledge in true meanings. Everyone has their perception and take the things their own way. That was just only the perception which I was just sharing with you people. Therefore, there are also millions of people who just watch the movies just for the time pass and some watch the movies for fun with friends and family. However, to serve every type of people and community, here I am Rahul Agarwal has made this online website for the movies lovers with the name of worldfree4u.

Where they can read the reviews of all type of movies such as action movies, comedy genre movies, inspirational movies, biographies and much more that is beyond the expectation of you people.

Inspiration Behind Worldfree4u Movies

It was a time when I was traveling from Chandigarh to Delhi about last week and I was searching on my smartphone to read some awesome reviews to spend some quality time on the bus. But unfortunately, by searching around half hour I did not find any quality website to read the reviews of some new Bollywood and Hollywood movies. So, Big fan of movies I decided to make the pure reviews based website with the name of worldfree4u. Where you people will free to read the reviews of every latest and old Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi and Tamil movies reviews. As well as you guys can also get the valid movies links to watch the movies online and you people can also download the worldfree4u Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies online.

The objective of The

The main objective was making the movies reviews based website is the convenience of you movies lovers to read every type of movies reviews. is not similar to other website movies based websites such as that just give you the links to watch the movies. At is this website, you guys can’t just watch and download the Hollywood movie or Bollywood movies but you can also read the reviews of every type of movies from Marathi movies, Lollywood industry, Bollywood, and Hollywood.

History of Movies At The Worldfree4u

Although The history of Movies is not well defined anywhere and it’s very hard to know that who made the first movie in the world and what was the story of that particular movie. But here at worldfree4, we have collected some facts regarding the history of the film industry that you must read.

As I mentioned above, the history of movies is not well defined and very hard to find anywhere. But you people can be regarded the first breakthrough cinematographic motion picture of Lumiere Brothers short film that was released in December 1895.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

After that, several production companies were established in the world and movies predictors were assuming that movies are moving from a novelty to create the massive entertainment industry in the world.

Earlier movies were black and white without sound that was just a few minutes long movies. But during the 1890 films becomes longer that were consist of multiple shots.

We at worldfree4u also found that, according to Wikipedia, the first successful theatre showing the only movie was “Nickelodeon” in Pittsburg in 1905.

History After 1905

Therefore, the multi-reel feature-length movies were made in Australian production in 1906. After 1910, lots of actors were introduced and they started to receive screen credits for their roles in the movies. That’s not the end, during the 191 0, the Amercian film industry had the biggest share in the Australian and in other European countries. Similarly, lots of new movies techniques were introduced in the same era such as fire effects, artificial lighting and much more.

Due to the novelty of the film industry, several new writers were employed in the industry to drive the new stories from novels and plays to deliver the fresh content to the audience. After that different types of genres were introduced in the movies industry’s and there were two major genres that were comedy and Dramas.

Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies History During 1st World War

Well, during the 1st world war, there were lots of big changes that come in the film industry. The biggest example was that one reel movies were converted in the long feature movies. Movies exhibition venues become larger and they started to charge higher prices of the movies. However, in 1914 the exhibition’s venues converted in the commercial cinemas that were the biggest source of income for the filmmakers.

During this era, the American film industry was becoming the known due to its inventions and new geographical center in Hollywood, Los Angeles and got the position of film factory to export the movies in the world. By 1920, American observe that it is still its era to produces 800 feature movies annually. After that during late in 1927, the Warner brothers introduce The Jazz Singer, along with very first dialogue in the feature film. By the start of 1930, all Hollywood movies were with dialogues and sound that save the Hollywood from the great depression.

Color In Cinema – The Worldfree4u Reviews

Lots of people have no idea that when the 1st color film was introduced. Let me tell you here at worldfree4u our team has found that the 1st Colo movie was actually created in 1901. That particular film was directed by photographer Edward Raymond Turner and his patron Frederick Marshall Lee. They way they adopt it was the usage of black and with film roll along with the red, green and blue filter. Apparently, both makers enjoyed the film during the making but the film has lots of flaws and the idea become fail.

After that the Technicolor technique arrived in the Market in 1916, (red, green, blue) and then many production companies successfully introduced the color movies.

Worldfree4u 300mb Movie Reviews

The worldfree4u is not just about one type of movies platform. It’s actually the big platform where you people can read the reviews of almost every type of movies such as worldfree4u 300mb Bollywood movies reviews, worldfree4u 720mp Hollywood movies reviews and much more. Bollywood and Hollywood 300mb movies are the short types of movies that are based on the short stories or usually you can find this type of movies in the season’s format that comprised in different parts. If you people want to watch this type of short movies and seasons then I will recommend you to must get the monthly membership of Netflix.

The Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

In order to make this website better and bigger, I have decided to make the team who can also write the reviews for you people on every Hollywood movies. So, for sure, you guys can also read the best and complete reviews of Hollywood movies just at that you people can’t find anywhere. I can bet with you guys you people will don’t find such great review’s on any other online portal or website which we will share here along with the movies stories and ratings.

Worldfree4u Punjabi Movies And Reviews

Punjabi movies industry is the fastest growing industry in Bollywood, India. That generates the huge revenue for the Indian film industry and we can’t neglect this industry and Punjabi movies as well. Punjabi movies industry gives the several hits production to the Indian film industry that I will definitely like to share with you guys. I have compiled the best worldfree4u Punjabi movies name here have a look below.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

  1. Carry on Jatta
  2. Carry on Jatta 2
  3. Jutt & Juliet
  4. Jutt & Juliet 2
  5. Angrej
  6. Yar annmulle
  7. Love Punjab
  8. Nikka Zaildar
  9. Ambarsariya
  10. Rabb Da Radio

Above are the just 10 best Punjabi movies that I have listed for you guys. Other then this, there are also lots of hit Punjabi movies such as Virsa, Ardaas, Manje Bistre and much more. Here at worldfree4u, we will make sure to write about the best Punjabi movie reviews for the lover of Punjabi movies.

Worldfree4u Marathi Movies And Reviews

Before writing something about Marathi movies, I will like to share some important facts about Marathi cinema at the world free 4 u website.

Well, Marathi industry is an old Indian film industry that just produced movies in the Marathi language, of the state of Maharashtra, Inda. This Marathi movies industry is one of the oldest and pioneer film industry of India that is based in old Mumbai. However, the first Marathi film was released in India was Shree Pundalik in May 1912. Indeed this industry is very small as compared to the Hindi film industry, but it generated the US$290 million in 2016. That is a huge amount.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Below you people can check the best worldfree4u Marathi movies list.

  1. Sairat
  2. Deool
  3. Dombivali Fast
  4. Fandry
  5. Jogwa
  6. Timepass
  7. Chumbak
  8. The Village Had No Walls
  9. Zenda
  10. Sarkarnama

These were the hits worldfree4u Marathi movies and you can watch and download from our websites. Other then this you people can also read the reviews of Marathi movies at

Movies Industry at Worldfree4u

As you guys have read the overall history of movies industry at worldfree4u. Now I would like to tell you about 4 biggest film industry of the world and our aim is to cover the all major industry movies at worldfree4u so you can read the reviews and download the HD movies.


Hollywood is the world best, biggest and number one movies industry of the world that is the neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. This is the notable US-based film industry that has several historic studious. There was a time when Hollywood was a small community in the 1870 but now this has become the world biggest and prominent film industry that generate the billions of US dollars revenue annually. Below I am giving you few names of the latest Hollywood movies have a look.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Best Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies Name

  • Avengers Infinity Wars
  • Deadpool 2
  • Insidious
  • Transformers
  • Rampage


Basically, Bollywood is an Indian Hindi movies industry that is the second popular film industry of the world and the world 1st biggest film industry in term of movies production. Bollywood is based in the Mumbai city. The main distributor of Bollywood is Dharma Productions, Yash Raj films, Eros International, T-series, Phantom Films, and Vinod Chopra Films. According to Wikipedia, gross box office estimated revenue is the US $2.3billion. It is just the 43% of the Indian net box office revenue. On the other hand, Tamil and Telugu cinema generate 36% and the other regional cinemas generate 21% revenue.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Few Best Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies Name


Tollywood is another Indian biggest movies industry that produces the Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu language movies. This is also known as the cinema of West Bengal where lots of movies produced and generate the huge amount.


In the end, I will share some facts about Lollywood. Actually, Lollywood is the oldest Pakistani film industry that is based in the Lahore, Punjab And Karachi Sindh. This film industry sees many ups and downs in the history but now a day Lollywood is producing good movies that are actually making huge profits.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Few Names of Worldfree4u Lollywood Movies

Types Of Movie Genre At The

Lots of people don’t know about the term of the genre. Even many of you probably heard this term for the first time. But don’t you worry here at worldfree4u, I will share with you guys regarding movies genre. As well as I will further elaborate the movie’s genre in this guide. So you people can understand all movies reviews and movies that we will share with you at worldfree4u.

Before I write something regarding movies genre I will like to clear your concept about the genre.

Firstly, the concept of genre introduced from the classification system that was created by Plato. Basically, is a French word that means sort or style. That is usually used to classify different types of arts such as poetry, drama, action, crime comedy horror and etc.

Other then this, there are lots of different types of movies genre that I am going to share with you guys. Have a look below on my worldfree4u movies genre.

List of The Movies Genre

  1. Action
  2. Animation
  3. Drama
  4. Historical
  5. Love stories
  6. Fictions
  7. Fantasy
  8. Crime
  9. Comedy
  10. Musical
  11. Mystery
  12. Horror
  13. Sport
  14. Adventure
  15. Political

Above is the list worldfree4u movies genre that I have compiled for you guys. Here I want to clear one thing that these movies genres are being used in all film industries such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, and Tollywood. Now let’s move ahead and discuss one by one all the above-mentioned movies genres.

Action Genre

The action is the film genre that used in all movies industries such as worldfree4u Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and Lollywood movies. In this genre, the protagonist is thrust in the chain of challenges that include, some sort of fighting, violence, challenges and physical feats. Usually, in action movies hero and heroine do the struggle against the incredible odds such as Aliens, saving life situations that generally includes in the victory of hero.
However, action genre is very close to adventure and thriller genres that may include some type of spy fictions elements.

Action Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

Action Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies


The animation is another genre that I am going to share with you guys at the Worldfree4u. As you guys already know what are the animated movies. But here I want to give you people basic concepts of animation genre that will clear your are all concepts.

Basically, animated films are those in which individual drawings, paintings, or illustrations are photographed frame by frame. However, there are many types of animations that we people see on your tv. Some of the most popular examples of animated genres are Cartoons, Coco, Moana and Despicable Me.

Animation Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Return Of Hanuman
  • Chhota Bheem And The Throne Of Bali
  • Jumbo

Animation Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • Coco
  • Frozen
  • Inside Out


Actually, Drama is another genre that is usually used in movies and television serials. Drama movies are based on serious stories and presentations. In which characters portray the realistic conflict based life situations with others, themselves, nature, and force.

Usually, dramatic movies based on the problems, religious intolerance, poverty, current issues, class divisions, injustice, corruption, drug addiction, sexual inequality, societal ills, violence (special violence against women) and some other related issues. This type of genre most frequently used in Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies to highlight the issues in the society.

Drama Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • October
  • Barfi
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Drama Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • Hell or High Water
  • Arrival
  • No Country For Old Man

Historical Genre

At worldfree4u, we have concluded the historical genre in a way that this type of genre based on the pure literature. In which stories of the movies take place on the history or past. Historial genres are not just based on the worldfree4u Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies. You people can find the lots of games, serials, theater, and novels on the historical genre.
There are lots of hit historical movies of Hollywood and Bollywood such as Padmavati, bahubali, the king speech, the hurt locker, iron lady and much more.

Historical Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

Historical Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

Love Stories

Well, the love story is one of the oldest movie genres in the Bollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood and Hollywood history. There are lots of hit movies that have been made on the love stories. That I will show you guys in the list of worldfree4u love story movies list. However, our worldfree4u team defines the love story genre in a simple which I am going to share with you here. Basically, love story genre is one of the oldest genres in the film industry in which two main characters portray that they are in love with each other. However, both characters face the many difficulties to get each other. This types of movies have happy endings and sad endings. Here are the names of few hit love stores have a look below in the lost of worldfree4u.

Love Story Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Veer Zara
  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)
  • Love Aj Kal

Love Story Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies


Worldfree4u teams define the fiction as it’s an extraordinary work that you can imagine from the mind but its a different world than the reality. Fiction genre is also known as popular fiction.

It usually refers to nonliterary work that includes the several other categories such as science fiction, western, fantasy, horror, romance, and mystery. This type of genre also uses for the novels in the literary category.

Fiction Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

Fiction Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies


After discussing the fiction genre, now I would like to tell you guys about the fantasy genre. This type of genre used in the worldfree4u Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies. You guys can say that ita the subgenre of Fiction that has been expanded in the various media such as films, television, graphic video games, and novels. There are lots of movies that you people have already watched such as The Avengers, wounder woman, Ant-man and the wasp, bhootnat returns and krrish 3.

Fantasy Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • A Flying Jatt
  • Eega
  • Baahubali

Fantasy Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League
  • Avengers: Infinity War

Crime Genre Worldfree4u Movies

You people already know about this genre because you have been watch lots of movies from this genre. Before showing the worldfree4u Hollywood movies from this genre I would like to clear the proper concepts of crime genre from you guys. Actually, crime is the literary genre in which you people watch the criminals who work to complete their illegal motives. Such as such as murders, bomb blast, terrorism and much more.

Crime genres also have many various other subcategories such as legal thrill, detective fiction, suspense, and mystery.

See the below list of Crime Genre worldfree4u Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies.

Crime Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • The Dark Night
  • Town
  • American Gangsters
  • A Wednesday
  • Gangs of Wasseypur
  • Gangaajal

Crime Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Mafia 2
  • Comando
  • Murdered Soul Suspects

Worldfree4u Movies Comedy Genre

Comedies are divided into multiple genres based on the characters and movies script. This is the most difficult genre as per my perspective. Few actors do comedy through funny jokes and dialogues but some of them do through body gestures and without dialogues. This types of movies usually produced for the laughter and entertain the audience and also have happy endings. Similarly, comedy genre movies are light-hearted based on the dramas to provide the enjoyment.

Types of Comedies

  1. Slapsticks
  2. Deadpan
  3. Verbal comedy
  4. Screwball
  5. Black or dark comedy
  6. Parody

Hollywood Movies Of Comedy Genre

Bollywood Movies Of Comedy Genre

  • Pk
  • Welcome
  • Entertainment

Musical Genre Movies Worldfree4u

Musical genre is one of the best genres and I really like to have the musical Bollywood and Hollywood movies. There are several musical genre movies that you guys can watch online over the internet. Few from you already have been watched this genre movies and at the end of this genre, I will show you guys few best musical movies.

Actually, musical genre movies are those movies in which characters sung the songs of sometimes accompanied by dancing. This genre was merge from the stage music and usually its the combination of music, songs, and dance. In simple words, musical genres refer to those movies that have music, sounds, lyrics, and dance.

Hollywood Movies of Musical Genre

  • Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
  • Mama, I Want To Sing
  • Make A Move

Bollywood Movies Of Musical Genre

  • Secret Super Star
  • Disco Dancer
  • Aashiqui 2


The mystery genre is the very popular genre in the United States. There was a time in the Hollywood when lots of mystery movies were produced to entertain the audience. Basically, the mystery genre is the type of fiction in which a detective or police officers solve the crimes. This genre is also renowned as the puzzle genre. Mystery genre just not used in Hollywood and Bollywood movies but it is also used in the novels and television series.

Mystery Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

Mystery Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • Murder On the Orient Express
  • Zodiac
  • The Hateful Eight


Lots of people are the huge fan of the horror genre. Personally, I also love to watch the horror movies and seasons. Hollywood is the known as king to produce the horror movies. Because they are a legend in this make the monster and devil to any individual. However, horror is the amazing genre which is intended to frighten, disgust, scare, the viewers. By influencing the feelings of horror and terror. This type of genres always creates the scaring atmosphere that truly frightened the viewers and has the aim to raise nightmares, revisions, fears, and terror. Therefore, Films in the horror genre always involves the evils and terror events.

Horror Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Pari
  • Raaz
  • Horror Story

Horror Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies


I personally know various people who love sports such as cricket, basketball, and hockey. However, the sports genre is very popular in India and America because there are huge fans of different sports and athletes. A sports movie always based on the sports events, athletes life, and sports setting. A sports films carry the significant story of any particular athlete or historical sports event. Therefore, sports genre have many sub-genres such as dramas to biographies or usually based on the true-life event of athletes.

Mostly this type of movies produced for the motivation of the viewers and this type of movies prominently featured the athletes, sports events, followers of sports.

Sports Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Sultan
  • MS Dhoni
  • Chakde India

Sports Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • Warrior
  • Invincible
  • Facing the Giants


The Adventure genre have thousands of movies in the Hollywood and Bollywood industry. This type of genres is very interesting because it involves the action, danger, risk, and excitement. Adventure films are very similar to the action genre but it is not based in the violence that you people can see in the action movies. Therefore, the viewer of adventure genre can clearly see the creations of empires, conquests, exploration, struggles, and situation that make them uncomfortable to the main character or protagonists.

Adventure Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Krrish
  • Flying Jatt
  • Koi Mil Gaya

Adventure Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies


Well, I don’t find the political genre very popular as compared to the other genres. That what I am explaining this genre at the last of this guide. However, This type of genre is intended to highlight the true political events, biographies of politicians, history, and the victory of politicians and leaders. Although this genre is not as popular as other but there are several popular political movies that you must watch.

Political Genre Worldfree4u Bollywood Movies

  • Raajneeti
  • Sarkar
  • Dirty Politics

Political Genre Worldfree4u Hollywood Movies

  • Game Change
  • Lincon
  • Malcolm X

5 Best Hollywood Movies List Of Worldfree4u

As you guys have already read about the Hollywood movies industry in the above paragraph. As well as I have also shared the all movies genres with you people to create the better understanding for you guys. Know I would like to share the 10 top rated Hollywood movies with you guys and you will be amazed to read the name of those Hollywood movies. Although there are lots of top rated movies here I will share the just 6 movies name with you people and you should match them.

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Shawshank redemption is an old movie that was released in 1994. Basically, it’s an Amercian drama movie that shows the story of one American banker who becomes the prisoner in Shawshank State for the murder of his lover and wife. The very amazing movie that you guys must watch to strengthen your self against all evils.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

2. The God Father (1972)

TThe highest grossing film God Father was released in 1972. That is the Merican crime film that was the directed by the Francis Ford Coppola and Albert S. Ruddy. The movie was very hit in 1972 as this become the highest grossing movie in the history of Hollywood. As well as this movie was regarded as one of the greatest movie the cinema world due to gangster genre and crime story.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

3. The Dark Night (2008)

The Very interesting movie that was released on 4 July 2008 in the new york city. Basically, The Dark Night Movies is based on the DC Comic Character Batman that is the sequel of Batman Begins. This movie was very hit in 2008 and the story of this movie was written by Christopher Nolan and David S Goyer. It’s an action based genre movies that received many positive reviews due to the action.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

4. The God Father Part II (1974)

The God Father 2 is the sequel of 1972 God Father movie. That was released in 1974. Like the part one, the film is also directed by Francis Ford and the genre of the movie is a pure crime. Although the movie received the positive and negative both reviews but it was nominated for the eleven academy awards and become the very first sequel that wins the best picture award.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

5. Avengers Infinity War

The Avengers infinity war is the super hit sequel of 2015 Avengers and Avengers age of Ultron. This is very interesting movies based on Marvel Comic that is produced by Marvel Studios. This amazing Hollywood movie is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and was released in the US on two formats, the one is IMAX and second in 3D. The movie budget is very huge that is around $316–400 million and you can consider this movie one of the most expensive movie in the Hollywood world.

6. Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is also an American superhero movie that was released in 2018. Like The Dark Night, this movie is also based on the Marvel comics character Deadpool. Many people don’t know that this movie is the 11th installment of the X Man movies and the direct sequel of 2016 Deadpool movie. The superhero-based movie was released in the US and earned the huge profit around $734 million that makes the 5th highest grossing movies of 2018.

These were the list of worldfree4u Hollywood 6 top rated movies. Now I am going to share the 10 top rated Bollywood movies with you guys.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

5 Best Bollywood Movies List Of

Just like Top rated Hollywood movies, there are also many top Bollywood movies that will be amazed you when you watch them.


The full name of this movie is Bahubhali: The beginning that is directed by S S Rajamouli and was released in 2015. The movies were super hit Bollywood of 2015. The budget of Bahubhali was around $26 US million that makes this movie most expensive film of the Bollywood industry. But the more interesting fact is that the bahubhali became the highest grossing movie of India with $95 million and third highest grossing Indian. The bahubhali was also received many positive reviews along with several awards such as national film award and best feature film.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews


Another Bollywood interesting movie is Dangal that is the biographic movie of Mahavir Singh
Pohgat. who trained his daughters to become the Indian first female world-class female wrestler. The movie was produced and starred by Amir Khan and was released in December 2016.
Dangal received many positive reviews from the critics along with several awards. Two biggest awards of this movie was best actor award, and best film award in 62nd Filmfare awards.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews


Kabali is a south Indian movie that was released in 2016 in the Tamil language. This movie is a gangster drama movie that is written by Pa. Ranjit. The main actor in this movie was Rajinikanth who is one of the oldest Indian film actors. The interesting thing about this movie is that kabali was released on 3100 screens in India and 2100 were from South India.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews


The biggest movie of 2018 is Padmavati that is directed and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Its the biographic movie of Sultan Alauddin Khilji. Padmavati is one of the most expensive Indian movie ever with the US $31million budget. The story of Padmavati is very interesting but the movie faces the many controversies before the release. After the release, the movie hit the US$85million in the box office and become the highest grossing Indian film.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Bahubhali 2

Bhubhali 2 The Conclusion is the sequel of 2015 bahubali that was released in April 2017. This movie is also directed by S.S Rajamouli and the story of this conclusion sequel was amazing. This movie receives many positive reviews and becomes the biggest move of 2017. The total budget of this movie was 250 crore in Indian rupees. Bahubhali 2 hit at the box office with 1,796 crore that is the highest grossing amount of Indian cinema. The movie also received many awards such as Indian film festival Melbourne and national film award.

5 Best Lollywood Movies List Of the Worldfree4u

After writing about the best Bollywood movies, I would like to share the 5 best Hollywood movies with you guys.

Teefa In Trouble (2018)

The best ever Pakistani movie is Teefa in trouble that was released in July 2018. The budget of this movie was around US$1.5 million and the movie hit at the box office with Rs. 27.01 crore. That is the highest grossing movie in the Pakistani film industry. This film is directed by Ahsan Rahim and the produced by popular Pakistani singer Ali Zafer. However, Ali Zafer is also starring the main role in this movie with Maya Ali and the more interesting thing about this movies is that it is the first non Indian movie which was distributed internationally by Yas Raj Films.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

(2013) Waar

This is the Pakistani action thrill genre movie that was released in 2013. Bilal Lishari And Hassan Rana had directed this amazing movie. It is the 4th highest grossing Pakistani movie that hit the box office with Rs 34.65 crore worldwide. ARY Films and Mandiwalla Entertainment both companies were the main distributor of Waar Movie. The Waar film also won several awards such as ARY Film Awards 2014 and Lux Style Awards.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani

Another super hit Pakistani movie was Jawani Phir Nahi ani and you people must download this movie from worldfree4u. The superhit movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani was released in 2015 India, Australia, Europe, and South Africa. The more interesting thing about this movie was, it was opened in Pakistan with 80 Cinemas. And hit the Waar movie recommend by hitting at the box office with 49.44 crores. However, Nadeem Beyg directed this movie and Humayun Saeed was the Producer.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Actor In Law (2016)

The Actor in Law is also a Pakistani comedy film that is released in 2016. Nabeel Qureshi this movie and Fizza Ali Mirza was co-producer. The movie won the best film award in 2016 lux style awards. The total budget of this movie was 10 crore in Pakistani Rupees. But it hits at Box office with 30 Crore. Famous Indian film actor Om Puri also played the lead role in Actor in Law with Fahad Mustafa.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Bol (2011)

Bol is the Social Drama Pakistani movie that was released in 2011 and got many Positive reviews from critics. Shoaib Mansoor Was Written and directed this movie. However, Pakistani popular singer Atif Aslam and Mahira Khan make the debut in this movie. The movie was hit in 2011 and the total budget of this movie was 7 crore. But the movie knocks the box office with 16.80 crores.

Worldfree4u Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies In HD Plus Reviews

Conclusion is the best platform for you guys if you want to watch and download any type of Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood movies. As well as you people can also read the reviews of all movies just at worldfree4u. Being the owner of this website I have also share the history of film era along with different movies industries and genres to enlighten your knowledge. I hope this website will provide you all pieces of information and movies that you guys really want.

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